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Erik Schulz

I’m a software engineer with 10+ years of experience delivering on a diverse set of technology challenges ranging from Windows Services and Metro UX to HoloLens AR and Microsoft VR.

Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft

CSD Data & Intelligence, 2017 – Present

Autonomously built and shipped an experimental Windows update service designed to update Windows for machines which have previously failed to update. This C++ service leveraged a number of cloud services such as Azure DevOps, Azure Cosmos DB and Power BI.

Software Developer II, Microsoft

Windows HoloLens, 2013 - 2017

Shipped Windows HoloLens

Designed and implemented Windows APIs for AR (Augmented Reality) and built highly concurrent Win32 services supporting them in C++. This was challenging as the hardware was changing while the APIs were being built and internal consumers started using the APIs before they were finished.

Proposed and built an end to end functional test framework that has resulted in the teams bug rate being reduced by half.

Independently researched and developed a number of prototype features. Two that shipped are a real time polygon reduction algorithm and a WiFi relocalization algorithm.

Contributed to the team’s culture by updating old c++ patterns to new C++14 paradigms, sharing interesting c++/coding articles, fostering design discussions, and many code reviews.

Other challenges included supporting real time performance for rendering APIs, keeping client applications in a good state if any sub services crashed, protecting the system from malicious/poor user code, debugging and triaging bugs between teams above and below the APIs, and helping internal consumers of the APIs to understand and debug 3D holograms.

Software Developer, Microsoft

Windows 8 Live Apps, 2011 - 2013

Shipped Windows 8 Calendar App

Built and maintained the JavaScript UI for the complex edit calendar event page. Later in the products life-cycle I maintained all of the calendar UI.

Challenges included building an app on unfinished APIs, refactoring of an ever growing JavaScript code base, optimizations by making use of background web workers and managing product expectations against a tight deadline.

To improve code quality across the application I helped write an internal jQuery like library, introduced the use of the promise pattern, simple state machines, and other functional programming paradigms.

Software Engineer, Vulcan Inc.

Research & Development, 2008 - 2011

Research & Development

Debugged and optimized an existing custom network protocol based on UDP for a multi-threaded media streaming service written in C++.

Wrote custom extensions to MediaWiki to interact with a NoSQL semantic learning system made with Python. Build REST APIs in Python so apps could consume data from the semantic learning system.

Contributed to a C# Outlook plugin that assisted in auto sorting mail using semantic learning and behavioral analytics.

Applications Developer, LevelTen Design

Engineering, 2007 - 2008

Implemented a custom content management system from the ground up on PHP and MySQL. Deployed it on a number of customer sites and wrote custom extensions to it for various customer needs.

Worked with outside companies to integrate our custom Ad distribution platform for WiFi networks.

Built a number of full stack websites based on customer requirements.