Water Erosion Simulation


Water Erosion Simulation

Rain and river based erosion.

The brighter brown colors are higher elevation while black is low elevation. I plan on creating a quick viewer that will render this in 3D. I’ll need it for rapid tweaking. Converting to voxels is just too slow at this point.

I’m done with my voxel engine! (for now 8’D). It’s working good enough at this point and it’s time for me to get another component of my game working. I’ve been playing with different types of terrain generators. So far I’ve tried the Diamond-square algorithm, Simplex noise, Voronoi polygon map, and now I’m simulating erosion on a height map.

I have rainfall and river erosion working. There are a lot of different erosion effects and I’m going to have to stick with the basics for now. I’m going to add two more.

Glaciers - Will give wider passes through mountains Freezing and thawing - Steep slope erosion